Small choices. Big impact.

Together, we can make a choice that's right for our planet, and our people. Join our mission to change the way water is drank, used and conversed by choosing 9point5 Electrolyzed Reduced Water (ERW)

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learn why these 15+ speakers chose Enagic

ERW Demo

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The ONLY Gold Standard​ ERW Machine

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Our Mission: "the 9point5 Philosophy"

9point5 (9.5) is more than the pH in a glass of ERW or the button on your ERW machine !

9point5 is a Lifestyle, a Belief — Hydrating with the hydrogen rich 9.5, Living the 9.5 green lifestyle, and Fulfilling our each day just at 9.5/10.

We care, thus, We share. is a shared resource platform to get each of us closer to our defined 9point5 lifestyles at ease.

Water Facts

 of water in our blood

Ideal pH of Human Body


ERW technology: Years in History

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From Passion to Action,
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